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Introducing our new sweatpants featuring designs not on our other product pages. Unlike some other stores we have both men’s cut up to 3XL and women’s cuts up to 2XL.

Designs are available in both bold and script, DEMS, D Police, Detroit Police, Police, D Fire, Emergency Department, DFD, Fire Department and EMS the script is in Old English font. EMT, Paramedic, Medic, Firefighter, RN and Nurse the script is a brush script.

You pick the pant color and the design color along with the font and what top logo you want. Pant colors available are Navy Blue, Black, White, Grey, Burgundy/Maroon and Red in both men’s and women’s cuts. Royal Blue, Charcoal and Forest Green are only available in men’s cut. Pink is only available in a women’s cut.

Design Colors available are White, Black, Navy Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Grey or Maroon.

Top logos include a Star of life, a Caduceus, a Maltese or not logo.

The design runs from the bottom of the pants pocket to below the knee in a stacked format so others can read it when you wear them.

More designs are available on their individual product pages.   


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