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This new shirt for our medical personnel, show your love for what you do.  

The garments are a 50/50 polyester-cotton blend when possible, or a preshrunk 100% cotton garment.

Available in Short, long sleeve or V-Neck T-Shirt; Crewneck or Hooded sweatshirt in sizes Small to 5XL. Sweatpants in sizes Small to 3XL.

Pick a shirt color and the design color you want.

Shirt colors available are Navy Blue, Black, Red, White, Grey, Charcoal, Pink or Maroon.

Design colors available are White, Black, Navy Blue, Pink, Red, Grey or Orange.


Short sleeve V-Neck T-Shirts in sizes small to 2XL and a few colors come in 3XL.

In V-Necks Navy Blue, Black, Red, White and Grey are available in 3XL.

Sweatpants come in both men’s cut up to 3XL and women’s cuts up to 2XL.

Pant colors available are Navy Blue, Black, White, Grey, Burgundy/Maroon and Red in both men’s and women’s cuts.

Royal Blue and Charcoal are only available in men’s cut. Pink is only available in a women’s cut.

The design runs sideways parallel to the seam line. When ordering both the top and bottom they will match.

When you order just the pants select the garment size at the top of the page and sweatpants cut at the bottom.     




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